Ekophysika and Other Products Datasheets

Octava-ElectronDesign Group manufactures professional instrumentation for sound and vibration measurements. Most of our digital devices have multilanguage interface, and the customer can select between Russian< English, or some other languages. 

Local distributors are encouraged and required to provide necessary documentation and support for non-Russian speaking customers.

Here, you can find some information about our products and download literatures in English:

- AK-1000. Acoustic calibrator

- KB-160. Hand-held vibration shaker

- Octava-111. Class 1 Sound Level Meter and Spectrum Analyzer

- Ekophysika-110A. Sound-and-Vibration Meter and Spectrum Analyzer

- Ekophysika-110A-HF. Multichannel Sound and Vibration Meter and Frequency Analyzer

- OKTAPHON-110M. Internet Noise Monitoring Terminal

- Ekophysika-111V. Human Vibration Meter and Spectrum Analyzer

- YM-10. Tapping Machine